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In a world where cancer affects one in three women (NCI, 2007), we feel there is power in numbers. My Survivor Village is dedicated to helping sick Latinas thrive through interactive resources. We seek to unite, inspire and educate women all over the world in the hope of helping them to discover the transformative power of the cancer journey. We are a Latina-focused organization, but seek to include women from all ethnicities who are touched by cancer.


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Cary, Cuba
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Moraima, Puerto Rico
Moraima, Puerto Rico
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Moraima, Puerto Rico
Moraima, Puerto Rico
Moraima, Puerto Rico
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A virtual cancer community design by a cancer survivor for cancer survivors.

Hi, I'm Monique



My name is Monique Lyons and I am a cancer survivor. Growing up in Los Angeles, I was greatly impacted by an array of health challenges ranging from severe asthma to chronic fatigue syndrome. At the age of eighteen I was hit by a truck as a pedestrian, which caused me to develop Fibromyalgia and resulted in a year on disability. The time spent in bed inspired me to search for my calling and in 2000 I entered the Interdisciplinary Studies program at Woodbury University, a private university in Los Angeles, California. After graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Art degree in 2004, I moved abroad for ten years, health challenges and all. On my journey I collected illness the way most people collect souvenirs. I developed kidney stones on the French Rivera, fell ill with vertigo in Panama, contracted malaria in India and developed cancer in Puerto Rico. In the winter of 2012 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma stage 3B. Through eleven rounds of chemotherapy, while living in my father’s native Puerto Rico, I was inspired to create an online community dedicated to helping sick Latinas discover the transformative power of the cancer journey. It is my mission to provide a virtual healing space to nurture and unite women cancer patients, survivors and their caretakers around the world.  


Welcome to My Survivor Village!





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