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Spotlight Latina Cancer Warrior: Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara adds health spokeswoman to her long list of life accomplishments along side Latina role model, actor, model, wife and mother. Vergara is the spokeswoman for Synthroid’s “Follow the Script” campaign, which seeks to educate the public about hypothyroidism. It is not widely known that Latina artist and star of ABC’s Emmy award-winning series “Modern Family” is a cancer survivor. In 2000, while attending a routine medical check up for her son, doctors discovered a lump in Vergara’s neck. Soon after Vergara was diagnosed with cancer and she reacted like many Latina cancer patients do, with concern for the care of her loved ones. “It was very traumatic,” states Vergara. “I was young. I had a young son. But I tried not to panic.” This is a common reaction among minority women, cultures where the matriarch of the family is heavily relied upon within the family unit. Shortly after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, Vergara proceeded to have her thyroid removed and received rounds of radioactive iodine to extinguish the remaining cancer cells. Since the operation, Vergara is on a strict health regime, but is forever changed for the better through her cancer experience. Vergara stated, “Now I embrace that I had it [cancer] because it changed me in many ways, I think in a good way. I don’t sweat the small stuff.” Click here (or see below) to watch “Stand Up to Cancer’s” video and learn more about how Vergara’s life changed through her cancer diagnosis.

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