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Meet “Dia de la Mujer Latina”

“¡Latinas unidas jamas seremos vencida!” is how the founder of “Dia de la Mujer Latina” and Latina health activist Venus Ginés ended our phone conversation this morning. Loosely translate that means “Latinas united never be defeated!” in Spanish. And true to her motto, Ginés, a fellow Boricua, took My Survivor Village under her wing. Over the course of a half an hour she candidly discussed her experience running a Latina cancer nonprofit, the setbacks in Latina cancer research and the need for unification within the Latino community. In 1997, Ginés founded “Dia de la Mujer Latina“, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting healthy behaviors within the underserved Latino community after her personal cancer experience in 1992. It was uplifting to discover that Ginés, like many cancer sufferers, found the cancer journey to be spiritually transformative. Ginés stated, “I am very open about my spiritual journey. If it wasn’t for the spiritual side of cancer I would not have made it through cancer.” Ginés goes on to share that although she changed her health routine radically, prayer is what helped her most emotionally. “Cancer helped me establish a really good relationship with myself. I learned that I need to do something every day to help another human being.” Cancer, like any other challenge, can be used to teach and transform. For Ginés, her painful cancer experience gave birth to a mission to eliminate health disparities within the Latino community in the U.S. and Latin America. Since the birth of ”Dia de la Mujer Latina“, Ginés has won many awards, garnered world-wide media attention and received much community recognition for doing that and more.”Dia de la Mujer Latina” continues to bring community engagement and cancer awareness to thirty-nine U.S. states, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic by “providing culturally proficient health education and facilitating early detection screening”. See the video below to learn more about Venus Ginés and her inspiring contribution to the Latina cancer community. Click here or visit for more information on Dia de La Mujer Latina.

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